Hongkong's most comprehensive guide to the purchase of your collection?

Hong Kong people love watches and clocks, even in the use of mobile phones will be able to see the time of the times. Xpress walk on the road, I feel all over the streets are watches. (Source: YOKA men's network) Hong Kong people love watches, even in the use of mobile phones will be able to see the time of the times. Xpress walk on the road, I feel all over the streets are watches. The wearers, men, women and children, flashed across subways, restaurants, shopping malls or trams. Hong Kong perennial hot, short-sleeved clothes to enjoy the watch to light out, combined with Hong Kong's mature business atmosphere, people must even pass a watch to locate their worth. Hong Kong is a world famous free port, no tariffs, watches and many imported consumer goods are cheaper for the mainland readers this has a great attraction. But if you go to Hong Kong, travel and local food, shelter, and indeed not very cheap, if only to rolex replica purchase the watch, the cost is not low ah. How to enter the city If the first visit to Hong Kong, especially the choice of "free exercise" of readers, even if not out of the airport may have felt helpless. How to get to the city quickly and efficiently is paramount, especially for those who expect a short stay. The most convenient way of transport into the city is to take the light rail in the reception hall, line called "Airport Express." More than 20 minutes will take you directly to the "Hong Kong Station" in Central (Hong Kong city center). After the transfer to other subway lines is also very convenient. Airport Express every 12 minutes out of a class, fares, adult 100 Hong Kong dollars per person, half-price children. However, if there will be concessions to go hand in hand, to buy two tickets 160 Hong Kong dollars (80 Hong Kong dollars per person), three votes (210 Hong Kong dollars), four votes (240 Hong Kong dollars, more than four discounts are 60 Hong Kong dollars per person ). In addition to the airport double-decker bus can choose, a lot of affordable fare, but encountered near the urban traffic jam is more difficult to avoid the situation. City traffic Into the urban areas after the efficient mode of transport is still subway. Hong Kong locals like to use a ride card called "Octopus", swipe by subway or other means of transport. Visitors who do not have to buy "Octopus" for shorter stays can purchase a one-way ticket through the MTR ticket vending machine (some HKD coins must be available). Hong Kong MTR several major lines connected to the city's downtown, is indeed convenient. The fare is based on the distance of the trip: HK $ 3.5 (minimum fare) for one stop; HK $ 5 for Hong Kong Island; HK $ 9 for cross-harbor Cross the sea the most cheap, fares 2.2 Hong Kong dollars). If the trip with the nature of tourism and plenty of time, but also to try to take a ride in Hong Kong Island has a hundred years old tram, fares 2 Hong Kong dollars, a single vote system. But the replica rolex watches old tram station instructions are not very detailed, each tram there is no road map, only through the tram forehead to write the terminal to distinguish the line, it is possible to sit in the wrong car mentally prepared. Discount Many stores in Hong Kong will be discounted, the degree of discount will depend on the liquidity of a watch may be. Discounts are generally between seven and twenty fold to fifteen percent (such as: Patek Philippe's official discount in Hong Kong is the official discount is a small discount; Eight fold). If the direct payment of Hong Kong dollars in cash, discounts will be more favorable. Payment The "CUP" signs of the Mainland bank card in Hong Kong has been more convenient to use. If the ATM is on the cash, do not think that their card balance error, because it is converted into HKD shows. Large watch stores and brand stores can directly brush UnionPay cards, but the second-hand watch shop or antique watch shop is usually more convenient to credit card, need to take cash payment. Hong Kong, some powerful watch to allow the purchase of installments, such as: Jing Fu watches and clocks, jewelry store goods can be paid in installments; Prince watches shop all the goods can be installment and interest-free. But usually only to Hong Kong people, because the purchaser must hold some Hong Kong local bank credit card. However, this way of selling goods, the business should learn from the watch. Select the retailer Hong Kong watch retailers are numerous, linked into a film, they are generally very repuwatch, but there are also so-called "black sheep." In particular, to follow the tourist group to visit Hong Kong tourists, more likely to be black tour guide to the black watch shop, I hate it! . . In order to minimize the risk of shopping for visitors from the Mainland, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has advocated the "Excellent" sign in recent years. Readers to enter a uk replica watches shop, look for the door close to the "excellent" word mark, you basically insulated with the fake. However, after my field verification, "excellent" word mark although blocking a purely fake watch, but the conversion watch is still occasional appearance. Stores on the watch to self-modification, the main approach is to set the diamond. (This situation is a historical problem, Hong Kong now most of the watch row is mostly gold jewelry shop started home, fortunately modified watch the situation in Hong Kong more and more rare) First, this shows that the diamond watch for mainland buyers still Very attractive. Secondly, the back of the diamond which contains a large embedded profits. General buyers can not distinguish between the original diamond and diamonds after the difference (because the watch itself is the real thing, warranty and other documents are also complete). The best way to prevent such risks is: in the Mainland on the selected watch, a detailed record of the local public goods and goods of independent code. To Hong Kong directly after the code by the purchase, so targeted, less listen to the recommendation of the local clerk. In Hong Kong to buy three versions of the watch Luxury version of the MTR Island Line or Tsuen Wan Line in Admiralty Station, on to the famous Pacific Place. Here, the famous shops, spacious and spacious, the environment is extremely comforwatch, and noisy Hong Kong ordinary business district formed a huge contrast. Top brand stores are not small, the goods are homogeneous, that is, almost no discount. It is understood that there is no discount store is to give the agent watch line some of the living space. If the store also provides deep discount, people certainly do not buy a watch to the ordinary watch. So I think, to the Pacific Place, Prince Edward Building or Chater House and other places to buy the watch, they not only bought the favorite watches and clocks, jewelry, but also buy the corresponding quality of life. Affordable version of the general visitors will choose this version. To Hong Kong to buy the watch is basically the same as "affordable" and "more options", or in the side of the watch shop, shopping to buy just fine. Hong Kong will not let you down, play your bargain level, try to get a lower discount than the official discount. Usually if you go to Hong Kong to buy more than 50,000 yuan (Mainland public price) of the watch, you get the benefits of adequate two people travel and accommodation in Hong Kong. Just because of the high cost of land in Hong Kong, the general watch line of hardware than the brand stores worse. Amoy watch version Apply CCTV "Kam Po" column, then go to Hong Kong to buy a watch if you choose second-hand shops or antique shops really need more than eye, guess the price. Hong Kong people love watches and clocks, but also metabolic down a lot of second-hand watch or antique watch. Second-hand market is booming watch market is considered to be mature, Hong Kong's watch market is very mature. If you claim to be a player, if you do not want to succumb to the manufacturer's iron curtain set the general price, you go to Hong Kong's second-hand shop it. Into the store, the clerk will be stressed in advance: the sale of goods is second-hand, which I am very pleased. Visit the second-hand shop, test the comprehensive appreciation of knowledge buyers, such as second-hand movement of the watch conditions, the refurbishment of stores, etc., are not ordinary buyers can control, to be aware of the depth of the former. Original title: the most complete Hong Kong to buy watch guide Several major purchase watch area and characteristics Causeway Bay Conventional watch line gathered in the land, but also the traditional downtown area of ​​Hong Kong, 1:00 is still crowded (but the watch line has been closed). Take the Hong Kong Island Line Metro Causeway Bay Station and get off, no matter from which exports can quickly find the watch shop. Local famous watch line such as: King Fook watches (to sell Patek Philippe watch known for) Oriental watch line (Rolex watch style is very complete) Prince Edward's Watch (for Hong Kong people) Tse Sui-lin jewelry (mainland people familiar with the jewelry line) Broadway Watch (close to TSL) Dickson watch line (Causeway Bay West near Wanchai to sell Lange, Breguet and jewelry watch known for) Emperor watches (Causeway Bay, near the northwest near Happy Valley, the mainland is well known large watch row) Hi-yu good watch line (Causeway Bay near the northwest near Happy Valley, Acting Vacheron Constantin, the world, and many other brands) Precise antique clocks and watches (Hong Kong Island Line Metro Station days under the glass blocks, operating antique clocks) Wan Chai Hong Kong Island, another traditional commercial area, but the number of significantly less than the number of watch Causeway Bay: Feng Liang record watch (Rolex majority) Admiralty Gradually into the financial district, prominent Pacific Place is located here: Pacific Place (one of the most famous high-end shopping centers in Hong Kong, many brand stores and ordinary watch row in the same field of competition. Even the bookstore's high-end clocks and watches are also many) Central Hong Kong's financial center and the old colonial administration center, Hong Kong landmark of the convergence of the land. As the majority of large banks here, shops close earlier, in addition to outside Lan Kwai Fong not suiwatch for the night to: Prince Edward Building (behind the Mandarin Hotel, with the Museum of the Cartier-like double-store flagship store display jewelry shock the world, including the summer of 2002 in Beijing grand exhibition of diamond pearl necklace, set with a more than 30 carats of diamonds, The body is similar with the jujube.In addition, the Cartier shop is rare to sell palace class Cartier antique watch stores, is ideal for collectors to visit the building and another Panerai in Hong Kong's only store and Van Cleef & Piaget and IWC Prince Edward building stores are also very eye - catching. Chater House (with Bvlgari Hong Kong's largest store) Tian Yi Xuan (Universal Shopping Mall 310, take the subway to Hong Kong Island Line or Tsuen Wan Line in Central Station, from the global mall export station that is to the owner of the famous clock master my magazine consultant Mr. Jiao Dayu, in addition to each year in April Switzerland Double exhibition period, the master in the shop, worth a visit) Schwab Watch (a collection of some of Switzerland's top brands) Tsim Sha Tsui and Nathan Road (Kowloon) Peninsula Hotel (Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui landmark building, the hotel has many high-end stores, including some watch brands, Beijing Peninsula Hotel and its similar) Harbor City (located in the Tsim Sha Tsui old train station on the west side of the clock tower, is one of the largest shopping center in Hong Kong, it takes a long time to go down.Toyea watch, Athens watch and Wan Tejia writing tools, etc. in this store. With a semicolon, Sampo operating Glashütte, Breguet and Athens watch are very comprehensive) Beijing Road (Harbor City on the north side, is a place where famous stores, such as Omega's Hong Kong stores, of course, also has a large number of second-hand shop) Nathan Road (Nathan Road and on both sides of the street is the core business district of Kowloon. Nathan Road is very long, south from Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong's major watch in the opening of a semicolon, such as: Emperor watches, King Fu watches and clocks, hi Yun good watches and clocks, etc .; Europe Square watch line set up in the east of Nathan Road Mody Road in the east.In addition, Nathan Road, near the second-hand shop is very large, the player eye Taobao eye a good place, A point, Nathan Road, Hong Kong than the other business district) Hong Kong dozens of antique clocks and watches experts (including Mr. Jiao Dayu and Mr. Huo Feile) will be held here three times within the exchange of activities, semi-exhibition nature, free of charge to the outside world, are professional players to communicate with each other Special store. Commercial shopping center Extra Precautions (but Important) Hong Kong's major commercial areas are not too many public toilets. You can not help but ask, there are so many shops in Hong Kong, their employees will not be anxious when? In fact, the number of toilets is not very small, but open to visitors is not much. Shop employees usually use marked "staff-specific" toilets, credit card to enter the door, if you follow up will be told to face indecent, it is no face. Therefore, the "personal convenience" in Hong Kong must be early planning, early preparation, met a large shopping center, we must first enter the preventive solution, removed from the worries. Humble public toilets, the Hong Kong this international metropolis really need to be improved. At present, China's immigration authorities for overseas shopping tax control more stringent. As citizens of the Republic, tax evasion should not report any illusions, in Hong Kong purchase watch is a bargain, but the immigration customs duties, please actively cooperate. Calculated, if coupled with customs taxes, to Hong Kong to buy the watch is not too much affordable available. I am an upright person and will not teach the means of evading customs duties. So you must carefully consider before starting. To sum up, if you love watches, Hong Kong is where you can not not go. Even if you do not buy the watch in Hong Kong or purchased the watch can not be called expensive, you will be touched by the atmosphere there. Only hope in the near future, we watch around the market to mature faster. The above text would like to thank the Hong Kong Tourism Board for its support, not enough detail, the future will certainly work with the majority of the same good common